Sampling Level One

I decided this week to let people see what Level One is all about. It’s my beginner program. Starts you off at three days a week, and finishes at five days a week. There are no huge powerlifting movements, or Olympic lifting. It will get you started in the gym, so you’re not walking in like “What the hell do I do?”

Week 3 Day 1

                30 minutes
                You can choose between walking, running, elliptical, swimming, or rowing.

                Upper Body – This week I want you to start adding weights, if you’re flying through twelve reps and don’t feel it, increase the weight.

3 Rounds:
Push ups – 15
Burpees – 6
Narrow stance push ups – 10

3 Rounds:
Cable – Wide Grip – Lat Pull Down – 12
Pull Ups – assisted or unassisted – 10
Cable – Compound Row – 12

3 Rounds:
Barbell – Upright Row – 12
·         The Olympic bar weighs 45 pounds. Use one of the bars that have weights already on it. Unless you can do this movement with 45 pounds.
Dumbbell – Side Lateral Raise – 12 each side
Dumbbell – Shoulder Press – 12 each arm

3 rounds:
Machine – Chest Fly – 12
Machine – Reverse Fly – 12
Machine – Upright Row – 12

Start Time:
End Time:

My Level One etrainer is up for sale on my site. I’m currently working on redoing the whole thing. Not the days, but the set up, design, and changing a few things in the programming (nothing major). If you purchase the program now, upgrades will be sent out once completed. Level Two is currently being worked on as well, that is scheduled for release mid-February.

If you ever have any questions about my programs, do not hesitate to reach out to me.