Update! May 26th, 2017

Life have been busy. Training has been varying between three days a week to seven days a week, then back down to three. I was given a great opportunity to go back to school, so that's where most of my free time has been dedicated to. Plus a few other projects. 

Been doing quite a bit more of freelance graphic design. Which also includes websites. So this site is going to slowly be converted into my graphic design/freelance site. I made the decision at the beginning of the year when I kept getting little side projects. So I decided to get back into freelance. It won't fully go live until I have everything ready and it's 100% perfect.

My blog is going to be moved. Right now, it's a timely process. I need to save the articles and images and prepare the way I want the articles to be posted on the site. Coding takes time. And a lot of it. Especially when it comes to parts that I haven't done in years. So I'm hoping by October both sites will be ready. I'm also hoping by that time I will have mastered it all.  

A few things had to be knocked down to be accomplished next year since I've had some unexpected expenses come up (car, computer, etc.). But one day they will all be achieved. 

Also, because of life and school I'm taking a step back from Facebook for awhile. It's too distracting. I'm still on Instagram and post as often as I can. 

Figured I'd post an update so you guys don't think I've disappeared. :) 

- Kristy