Online Journal

February 19th, 2017

Lately I've been busy. Working on my Precision Nutrition certification. Studying for my ISSA personal trainer certification (makes cert number two for personal training). Plus random other stuff that comes along. 

Training has been more of a when I can workout I do. This week, I started training with the Volt app. Granted I had to do two days in one. Which I don't recommend. Eventually I'll be able to feel my quads again. 

Anyway, a lot has been going on. Physically. Mentally. Holistically? Ok, maybe not really that last one. One of the major things is the We the People Project.  Right now, it's just the start. I have other plans for the project. And since it's inception, another idea was born. Once I figure out the basics and how to get it set up, I'll share more. But right now, I just want to say... it's going to be awesome. 

Call it my way of being able to give back. 

Kristy Kronas is a Writer, Photographer, and Certified Personal Trainer in the burbs of Chicago. She is a single parent and author with a children's book almost finished! She has a passion for lifting, boxing, kayaking, and a hatred of running. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, shoot her an email!