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Almost a year ago, I decided to unplug from Facebook. Between politics and people just being assholes, it turned more into noise. And that noise was/is distracting. Especially when I'm trying to focus on my studies and work. 

What I needed was a legit social media break. Granted I'm still on Instagram and Twitter. On Twitter I follow different news channels and on Instagram, well, it's just pictures. But Facebook felt like it was consuming my life. And I was done. So I deactivated it. 

Facebook is a great resource and I love the concept behind it. But just like blogs. People really only tell about 5% of their lives on social media. It's not misconception or anything. It's stuff that usually really goes on in someone's life. But they only show a tiny glimmer of it. There's still so much to someone else, not just a status update or a blog post. I love the people who think they know everything about someone based on Social Media, or a blog. Even here I don't say everything that's going on. 

Anyway, since being off Facebook life has been pretty great. I'm still the same sarcastic person as I always have been. Granted my funny cat video intake has diminished since deactivating the social media giant from my life. I still talk to my friends. But since deactivating it, I noticed I don't talk to a lot of the people I used to while on there. Messenger is still active, so people can easily reach out. And if a person really does mean something to me. They have my phone number. Unless it's international of course. 

Keeping up with what's going on with family is the hardest part. I only talk to a few relatives on a consistent basis. So I don't see what's going on anymore. Which I'm ok with. If it was super important they'd call to tell me. As for the news and other media outlets, I use Twitter and signed up for a couple news websites to read their articles online. 

Anyway, I put together a list of things I've been doing more of since getting rid of Facebook: 
- Reading more books, news articles, research papers (yes, I'm that kind of person)
- Doing more freelance work
- Spending even more quality time with my daughter
- Spending more time with friends and family
- Not giving a crap what other people are doing on the site
- Playing more video games, finally beating the entire Assassins Creed series. Granted yes, not the best way to spend time but gaming is a great stress reliever. 
- Taking extra online courses in anything I find interesting
- Landing a new amazing job
- Building things (yes, actual things)
- Getting creative (painting, photography)

See, life moves on past social media. 

What are ways that you disconnect from social media? Have you ever been off of Facebook for an extended period of time? 


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