My Path.

First. I want to give a big ol' welcome! I decided on an actual site name after a year of blogging on Adventures With Kristy. Ok, maybe it wasn't a whole year. But it felt like forever. 

This site, is my actual website. The one I will be using for business, ecommerce, motivation, well.. everything that I was doing on the old site (minus the ecommerce bit). My store is currently under construction. Just like the rest of my site. I keep changing things here or there. But so far, I'm really liking where it's going. So please, be sure to check everything out. But keep in mind, it's a work in progress. 

A friend of mine told me about this song. It's called Fix Me by 10 Years. The song hit home for me. When I was in middle school, high school, and parts of college. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Then things changed. Met my ex, had a kid, broke up with my ex. And I lost my path. I lost who I was. If you've read any of my blog posts, my top three are on this site, you'll know at least the majority of my history. 

My ex was controlling. Not in the physically abusive side, but where I couldn't have certain (if any) friends, I did all of the work at home, plus worked full time. You get the gist. When he finally realized everything, it was too late. I was done. And that was it. It was also seven years ago. It took me seven years to find my path again, to find where I belong. As the song says "I'm right where I should be, don't try and fix me." 

Occasionally in the seven years, I got lost. But found my way again. The point is, if I can do it. So can you! If you have to go back to school, get a new job, move out of state. Do it! Especially if you have the means to do so. What's the point of living if we're miserable all of the time? 

Kristy Kronas is a Certified Personal Trainer in the burbs of Chicago. She is a single parent and author with a children's book being published this fall! She has a passion for lifting, boxing, kayaking, and a hatred of running. Watch out for her new venture this September when she launches a daily podcast called the 'Daily Donut.' If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, shoot her an email!