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"Level Up Your Life" A Review, and Now an Obsession.

I joined the Rebellion six years ago.

Now, before you start looking for places to have me committed. Hear me out. Nerd Fitness

For the past six years, I’ve been a very silent member of the Nerd Fitness community. And I’m ok with that. I have a massive fit-fam that I absolutely adore. That is something that will never change. The Nerd Fitness community is just as awesome as the one that I’m currently in. I’m a member of the Nerd Fitness academy and even Nerd Fitness Yoga.

When I first joined, I had no idea what I was doing in life and felt like I was failing. In my very first fitness magazine that I purchased, there was a section about online training and online fitness communities. Low and behold. A picture of Steve Kamb the creator of Nerd Fitness was right there, speaking in a way that I completely understood. Since I get ridiculous bouts of social anxiety, and this was a time in my life where I never wanted to leave the house, I looked him up. Been a member ever since. He was just starting out at that time. But at that point NF was already a couple thousand members strong. Everyone knew each other though. Which was nice to see. Now the members list is insanely long.

Anyway, I joined. A few years later, the academy came out. Then the yoga course. And now the book/audiobook Level Up Your Life.

I got the book when it first came out. However, I haven’t had much of a chance to read it. So when the email came out that the audiobook was on sale for three dollars, I made the purchase. And have been listening to it on and off ever since. I'm still not done reading/listening the whole thing. It's not even that long of a book! But I keep repeating chapters and there's a lot of time in between each chance that I get to listen to it.

Normally, while I'm at work I listen to music and podcasts. The silence in my office, or the loud speaker phone, don’t do it for me. I need background noise. So I figured this was great! Because I could listen to an audiobook and still get my shit done! I started listening to LUYL on Monday of last week. All. Day. In the office. In the car. At home. And I’m still not done. Like I said, it’s not long, it’s just I’ve had a lot of interruptions.

As I said before, I started following Nerd Fitness about four or five years ago. I read everything Steve writes. His writing speaks to me. Mostly because I get exactly what he’s saying with his Star Wars and Warcraft references. Yes, I’m a former gamer. I don’t even consider myself a gamer any more. I have the systems, but I don’t play video games any more. Mostly for one reason, they’re addictive. The day I stopped playing was the day I came home from work. Being there for almost twelve hours, came home to a smelly and hungry baby, dishes all over the place, the house smelled, and no dinner was even started. My ex was sitting there playing video games. That day I decided one, no more games for me. Two, I’m on strike. Today I dabble in Assassins Creed. When I have the time and when I absolutely have nothing better to do with my time except sit there for an hour and play.

Steve talks about creating your Epic Quest, imagining what your life would be like at Level 50, boss battles and side quests. This shit speaks to me on levels many people who don’t understand video games would get. He talks about excuses, and how people use them constantly! Which I already knew based on myself, and on others. The biggest one being how you don’t have the time. It continues on. And on and on. After I even heard the first three hours of the audiobook, I already began Kristy’s Epic Quest of Awesomeness. I'll be posting my own list eventually. It's handwritten out in my notebook. 

Let’s just say it’s really long and forever changing. And that’s ok. Your goals that you make for yourself don’t have to be set in stone. You add to them, get rid of ones that are no longer relevant to your life, and so on. Kind of like a bucket list.  

If you get the chance, read or listen to the book. Be sure to go to and sign up for his newsletters. Trust me they're worth it! Also, who remembers camp when we were kids. I'm talking the kind of camp that most kids just see in the movies. Cabins, archery, sword play, powerlifting.... well.... you get it. Hopefully. There's such thing as Camp Nerd Fitness!! It's an adult camp!! One of the things on my epic list, go to Camp NF. 

Kristy Kronas is a Certified Personal Trainer in the burbs of Chicago. She is a single parent and author with a children's book being published this winter! She has a passion for lifting, boxing, kayaking, and a hatred of running. Watch out for her new venture this January when she launches a daily podcast called the 'Daily Donut.' If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, shoot her an email!