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Recovery Bath Thoughts: Competition

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So let’s start with the main thing. How amazing is that fucking bathtub! Sadly. It’s not mine. Maybe one day. When I have my own house, but right now I’m settling for my grandma’s walk in bathtub every Sunday night. Since I’ve been back to training pretty damn hardcore. My body is taking a royal beating. I.E. it hates me. And I’m not talking a few minor sore muscles. I’m talking “Oh my god what are you doing to me! What is this shit! WHY ARE YOU WALKING!” At least this is how I envision my body speaking to me. DOMS aside. I was chatting up a friend, with zero fear of dropping my phone in the bath tub that was filled with hot water, bubble bath and copious amounts of Epsom salt, when I thought of what I actually do in the gym. Yes, I take a bath to forget the soreness and think of the gym.

This week as I sit there chatting back with a friend of mine. Not just any friend. But someone I call my sister, from another mister. I was explaining how when I’m at the gym I’m competitive. I mean, COMPETITIVE. Ever go on a treadmill and a girl gets on the one next to you and starts running faster. Yeah, that’s not me. I don’t run. But I’m sure you know the person who gets on the bench next to you and throws on more weight than she should lift but does it anyway because she knows she can lift it. That girl is me.

Bodyweight stuff, cardio, skipping rope, yoga, I admit. They’re not my thing. But throw around some iron and I’m your girl. I can’t begin to tell you how many people I beat in the gym. It’s been countless! However, they just don’t realize I kicked their ass.

There was one point last week, where I sat on the upright row press (the one you sit up and push these two handles out while you have a couple plates on each end) and I’m admiring my new gym crush as he’s gracefully doing pull ups…. Anyway, I get up and start prepping my bench. Toss on a couple tens. Warm up for twenty reps… I know not really a warm up but at this point it was the pre-workout running the show… then get up stretch a bit and watch the girl next to me slap on the same weight. I stop look at my bar and in my head I’m saying “Ok, I see how it is.” I take off the plates and replace them with quarters (that’s 25 pound plates for those who have no clue what I’m talking about). Knock out some more reps. Next thing I know we’re neck and neck. She had five more pounds on the bar than I did but I was doing way more reps. So finally, I added more weight. At this point I was not at 115 and she was at 105. Knocked out the last ten reps of bench. She barely lifting one. And I stand up to re-rack my weights because I’m not a rude gym goer. We look at each other, her knowing her defeat. And we walk away.

This is how ridiculous I am in the gym. Just to give you a tiny glimpse. Pretty sure this is why I don’t normally have a gym partner.

Recovery Bath Blend of the week: In a mason jar

  • Epsom Salt - fill that jar up! (I use the quart jars because of how much water goes in the tub)

  • Lavender Essential Oil (4 drops)

  • Lemon Essential Oil (2-3 drops)

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil (1 drop) (If you don’t like the smell of tea tree EO don’t use it, I just put in a small amount)

  • Shake up the jar and let it sit till you want to use it.

Stay tuned for next week!

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